Death certificate

Death certificate

When a patient who was registered with Žaliakalnis Polyclinic dies, the death certificate is issued to the relatives and relatives of the deceased upon presentation of identity documents of both the relatives and relatives.

The doctor completes the electronic Medical Death Certificate, stamps the printed copy with his/her seal, signature and the institution's stamp, and gives it to the deceased's relatives.

The medical death certificate is recorded in the electronic Medical Death Certificate Register and signed by the deceased's relatives.

The doctor who issued the Medical Death Certificate informs the deceased's relatives of the obligation to return the deceased's identity card/passport to the territorial police office, or, in the case of non-residence, to the civil registry office of the place of death.
In the event of an electronic system failure, only a paper medical death certificate is issued, signed by the deceased's relatives on the fork of the document, which is retained by the medical establishment and kept for 25 years.

Sign the death certificate:
Weekdays 8:00-19:00 - family, internal medicine or paediatrician. In his/her absence, any other attending doctor.