Free services

Free services

Free services.

The following free personal healthcare services are available at Žaliakalnis Polyclinic:
1. The list of essential medical assistance, i.e. diseases and pathological conditions for which medical assistance is provided free of charge, is approved by the Order of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Lithuania No.V-208 of April 8, 2004 "On the Approval of the Procedures and Scope of Provision of Essential Medical Assistance and Services of Essential Medical Assistance", and its amendments and additions.
2. The following persons are entitled to free personal health care services, paid for by the State Patients' Fund (according to the agreement between the polyclinic and Kaunas Territorial Patients' Fund) from the funds of the PSDF, provided in Žaliakalnis polyclinic, covered by compulsory health insurance and residents who are registered with the health facility (for primary care services).
3. Free secondary personal healthcare provided to those insured with compulsory health insurance and who have a doctor's referral for a consultation or who have been prescribed long-term observation by a specialist (in accordance with the procedure laid down by the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania).
4. Nomenclature of personal healthcare services provided free of charge by Žaliakalnis polyclinic UAB:

  • Services provided by professionally qualified doctors providing primary outpatient personal health care;
  • Doctors, nurses and midwives in primary outpatient personal health care
  • Additional incentive services;
  • Primary outpatient mental health services;
  • Primary dental personal health care services (patients, except for children and older, enrolled in full-time general education schools, full-time sections of vocational schools, but not longer than 24 years of age, and socially disadvantaged persons, who provide a certificate from the social welfare department of the municipality of residence, pay for filling materials, other dental materials and disposable instruments);
  • Home care services;
  • Diabetes care services;
  • Secondary level services from specialist doctors;
  • High-cost tests and procedures;
  • Services of the cervical cancer prevention programme;
  • Services of the Early Diagnosis Programme for the Prostate;
  • Services for the screening and prevention programme for people at high risk of cardiovascular disease;
  • Services of the Colorectal Cancer Early Diagnosis Programme;
  • Dental prosthetics services;
  • Emergency medical care.

5. Approval of the provisions of the 'Family doctor's medical certificate' on the 'Family medicine medical certificate'.
6. The scope and procedure of services provided by other primary outpatient personal health care physicians and level II specialists are specified in the medical norms and methodologies for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases approved by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania.
7. Other free services:

  • Depending on the agreement on the provision of medical rehabilitation and sanatorium (anti-recovery) treatment services and the reimbursement of the costs of the services provided to the insured persons with the Territorial Patient Funds (TPLs), medical rehabilitation and sanatorium (anti-recovery) treatment services are provided free of charge.
  • Dental prosthetics services. The procedure and amount of the reimbursed service shall be determined in accordance with the Order of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Lithuania of 21 November 2005 No V-890 "On the Approval of the Procedure for Provision of Dental Prosthetic Services and Reimbursement of Costs from the Budget of the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund" (Žin., 2005, No 140-5047; 2009, No 112-4784) and its amendments and supplements. The following persons insured by compulsory health insurance shall be entitled to dentures reimbursed from the budget of the PSDF: a) persons who have reached the age of old-age pension; b) persons recognised as incapable of work or as partially capable of work (incapacity for work level 10-25%); c) children.