About us

About us

"Žaliakalnio poliklinika" Medical Centre has been created for you, in collaboration with specialists in various fields, to provide the highest quality healthcare services according to your wishes. 
One of the main goals of the general practitioners working at "Žaliakalnis poliklinika" is to diagnose health problems as quickly and accurately as possible, to predict treatment options and to become a trusted partner in solving your health problems.

Family doctors:

  • Counselling for children and adults;
  • Makes a provisional diagnosis of the disease;
  • Prescribe the necessary tests;
  • Prescribing and monitoring treatment;
  • Refer you for specialist advice;
  • Visits sick people at home.

"Žaliakalnio poliklinika" has a contract with Kaunas Territorial Patient Fund. According to this agreement, the clinic provides primary outpatient health care services, which are paid by the Kaunas Territorial Patient Fund for patients who subscribe. The services of family doctors are provided in accordance with the Lithuanian medical standard MN14:2005 ,,Family doctor. In accordance with this norm, a general practitioner carries out examinations of patients:

  • Therapeutic, neurological, gynaecological examination (preventive 1 time a year);
  • Examination of eyes, ears and nose;
  • They treat wounds, give injections, choose treatments, and vaccinate children with mandatory vaccinations;
  • Issue sick notes, prescriptions for reimbursable medicines and medical certificates;
  • He sends you for the necessary tests, i.e. complete blood count, total cholesterol, glucose, urinalysis, electrocardiogram.

Those who have registered for regular health care at Žaliakalnis Polyclinic in Kaunas can use the doctor's house call service, which was adopted on the basis of the law of 28 February 2007. V-126 , "On the description of the procedure for the organisation and payment of primary outpatient personal health care services and the list of primary outpatient personal health care services and basic prices".

The clinic's qualified specialists focus not only on treatment, but also on preserving and improving health and preventing diseases. General practitioners provide primary health care together with other specialists.

We'll help you take care of your health, so you'll not only enjoy good health, energy and longevity - but you'll also share the joy of life. You'll be able to take care of the people you love, help your loved ones, and ensure a long, healthy and happy life for your children.

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