How do I become a patient at Žaliakalnis Polyclinic?

Become a patient of Žaliakalnio poliklinika and enjoy attentive and professional treatment.

Žaliakalnio Poliklinika
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The reason for visiting us

We all have different life journeys, but with the help of our specialists, we can stay healthy and energetic for as long as possible.
With the help of Žaliakalnis specialists, you will be able to take better care of your health, not only enjoy good health, energy, and longevity, but also share the joy of life. You will be able to take care of the people you love, help your loved ones and ensure a long, healthy and happy life for your children.

We are experts and believe in our services

The Zaliakalnis Polyclinic team's goal is to effectively prevent, diagnose and treat patients' diseases.
Our specialists are highly qualified and, in collaboration with the country's top research centres, provide our patients with the highest level of service.

Medical news

We never stand still - we offer new diagnostic methods and tests, provide information on medical innovation and the latest and most reliable treatments for patients, encourage healthier lifestyles, and invite you to take part in health promotions and events.

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